The Family is the oldest and the most important of the major social institutions.

1. Socialization (transmitting culture)

2. Sex and reproduction

3. Maintenance of the individual (material and emotionally)

Family of Orientation - is the family into which an individual is born (mother, brother, etc.)

Family of Procreation - is the family which the individual forms by getting married.

Nuclear Family - Husband, wife., and their offspring.

Extended Family - nuclear family plus everyone else to whom you consider yourself to be related.

Endogamy - is the practicing of selecting a mate from within one's own group. (strongest-racial line; religion and social class)

Exogamy-is the practice of selecting a mate oustide of one's group.

Patriarchy - authority in family is held by a male (decision - maker)

Matriarchy - authority in family is held by a female. (Does not really exist)

Equalatarian - authority held or shared by both male and female. (direction U.S. society is going)

Monogamy - one man to one woman

Polygamy - multiple mates.

Polygyny - one man to multiple wives (tendency of Islam)

(preferred marriage form in most cultures)

Polyandry - one woman to multiple husbands.

Group Marriage - multiple men and women share the marital relationship (doesn't work)

Patrilocal - newly married couple establish residence w/the husband's family of orientation.

Matrilocal - newly married couple establish residence w/the wife's family of orientation.

Neolocal - newly married couple establish a new residence seperate from both families of orientation.

Patrilineal - descent is traced through the father's family.

Matrilineal - descent is traced through the mother's family.

Bilineal - descent is traced thur both father and mother's family.

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